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HURRICANE UPDATE: Date: October 31, 2022


Hurricane Ian was a storm that brought over 150 mile per hour wind and has devastated much of SW Florida and our area of Englewood and Manasota Key.

Below is what happened at Sea Oats Beach Club.

  • Wind damage to the roof will cause the resort to replace much or all of the roof in the upcoming year.
  • Soffit damage on the parking lot side of the resort will result in the replacement of all of that soffit.
  • Both poolside Chickee huts require new thatch to replace the old thatch.
  • The Gulf of Mexico Chickee thatch and all of the structure holding the thatch need to be rebuilt and thatch replaced.
  • Railings on the Chickee need to be replaced / put back in place.
  • New railing needs to be installed for the spa/hot tub.
  • New enclosure for the hot tub pump house needs to be built. All of the chlorine feeders and the computer that controls the hot tub needs to be replaced.
  • Staff at SOBC along with Eddie Webb have met with insurance representatives, adjusters and engineers.

Here are some facts regarding the issues facing SOBC after Hurricane Ian.

  • Insurance costs went from 89 Thousand dollars in 2021 to 123 Thousand dollars in 2022.

We don’t have any idea as to what 2023 costs will be.

  • Insurance costs in 2022 were over 20 % per cent of the total budget. In previous years it was 8% percent of the total budget.
  • Manager Eddie Webb spent almost 2 months in spring of 2022 to renew all of SOBC Insurance policies when these insurers were trying to cancel our policies based on their desire to reduce their exposure.
  • SOBC was lucky to get insurance to protect the resort and the owners investment.

The Good News –  The resort will continue in business.

  • SOBC is currently back open and guests are enjoying their stays.
  • All of the issues in the list above will be taken care of before end of the year except timing of re-roof replacement and soffit replacement.

The Bad News – Usage Issues

  • Owners who did not get usage of their units from September to December of 2022 will not get make ups of unused weeks because of Hurricane Ian. There is no inventory for that to be accomplished.
  • Owners are still required by Florida statutes to pay 2022 and 2023 association fees or risk foreclosure of their unit.

2023 Maintenance Fee

The Board of Directors will present the 2023 Maintenance fee of $577.00 to the ownership

Date: October 14, 2022

SEA OATS BEACH CLUB has come thru Hurricane Ian with damage that is and has been repaired. SEA OATS BEACH CLUB will REOPEN starting OCTOBER 22, 2022.

CURRENTLY The situation in Charlotte County Florida is as follows:

  • The staff at SOBC have been on property as of September 30, 2022.
  • SOBC has electrical service.
  • SOBC has water but one should boil before drinking.
  • Garbage Removal should be working in the next week.
  • Limited Cell Phone Service. Limited Land Line Phone Service.
  • No Internet Service Signal. No Television/Cable Service at either resort.
  • Charlotte County has NOT allowed us to reopen SOBC pools but we have requested it to be reopened by October 22, 2022.
  • Charlotte County has NOT allowed us to reopen SOBC spa and spa pumps need repair.
  • Gulf of Mexico Beach in Englewood is closed as of now.
  • Streets still have Debris, Trees, Etc. making car travel challenging.


  • Publix is open. Circle K is open.
  • Restaurants are starting to reopen.
  • Dearborn Street businesses starting to open.

Manasota Key in still in a challenging condition with some services coming on board but other parts of Manasota Key still without electricity and water.
The staff and management at both resorts has met with Insurance Representatives /adjusters and will receive and disseminate reports in the very near future

2022 MAINTENANCE FEES –   The maintenance fee will be $555 for Sea Oats Beach Club.

Owner Rentals – We are organizing the 2022 schedule book. We get 80% of our rental inquiries regarding weeks 1-20 starting in October and ending in December.  The earlier we get your response the better chance we have of renting  out your unit successfully. Week 1 will start on January 1, 2022. If you want to place your unit into the rental pool please email your request to John, and I will send to you a rental agreement.

WANT TO BUY LIST – I keep a list of owners who want to buy a unit. Please email to me at and let me know:

  1. What resort
  2. Unit week/s
  3. One-bedroom or Two-bedroom unit
  4. Floor level

The inventory changes often so I will refer to the Want to Buy List for owner purchases.